Maeda is proud of delicious local fish dishes in Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture.              


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まえ田はカウンター10席あります The counter seats are popular among customers and regular customers. Please relax and listen to the chef's recommendation of today's fish and enjoy conversation.

The tatami room that can be chosen according to the number of people is recommended for small groups like family and friends.Even if you have children, you can relax in the tatami room.

A large tatami room that can accommodate up to 40 people. The tables and chairs are fully equipped, so even elderly people can enjoy meals without worries.



If you want to casually enjoy "Maeda", how about the weekday limited lunch?
We prepare fresh seafood caught from the local fishing port that day.
We also have lunch menu using Kishu's famous tuna.
Also, if you make a reservation, we can prepare an authentic kaiseki meal.



One of the reasons why we opened in Shingu is that we can get fresh seafood from Kuroshionada.
We serve dishes made with fresh local ingredients.
Also, you can enjoy the live atmosphere at the Maeda dinner.
With seasonal ingredients, craftsmanship, and everyone, the dish of Maeda is completed.
Please check the blackboard for daily dishes using seasonal ingredients.



A gift made from the customer's voice.
It is widely used for souvenirs for families and customers.
The 3 sets of whale pressed sushi, raw tuna pressed sushi and saury sushi are also sold as souvenirs of Shingu city and at Takashimaya online store.
[It was introduced on TV.]